Cryogen-granulation und power generation within one plant!

Latest Situation

Various mechanical engineering and plant construction companies have developed tyre crushing plants which facilitate the easy exploitation of pure tyre rubber substrate. Using such plants, huge quantities of used tyres can be processed quickly and at moderate prices.

Current Problem

Increasingly, the large volumes cannot be processed any more in recycling products and combustion, the method practised up to now, is limited by law. Therefore, there is an urgent need to search for innovative solutions to the problem.


Conversion is the optimum solution for generating energy from tyre granules. During the process of tyre granule conversion to gain energy, the reusable components are released, withdrawn, stored intermediately and subsequently linked in a way so that the energy content released is available in a synthetic strong gas.

In the tightly closed process that takes place without producing any waste gas, the valuable organic components from the benzol and butane derivatives can be processed into a strong gas comparable to natural gas which is then converted into electricity with maximum efficiency in a combined gas and steam turbine. For process reasons the operation of the gas turbine is an integral part of the plant and designed for the ongoing process. However, since the turbine can also be operated under a partial load, the surplus conversion gas, stored intermediately in external reservoirs, can be used for the production of peak current.


It is only due to the conversion of used tyre granule that an economical current conversion of major quantities of crushed tyres is possible any time. Since the electric power thus produced can be easily supplied to the grid, this process circumvents the sales problems for tyre granules which otherwise would appear quickly.

Thus, used tyre granule conversion is a new and innovative process, according to EU specifications for recycling used tyres, to gain energy with a very high degree of efficiency. The average ROI with this type of plant is approx. 3-4 years.