Basically, we have designed two different processes for the extraction of nano carbon (CMS) from carbonaceous materials and gases.

  • CO2 splitting with reaction material (especially for gases)
  • CO2 splitting using special LTC catalyst combinations (for all organic materials)

The processes used so far (by large corporations) are basically based on the use of large amounts of energy, which extremely increased the costs for production (separation of carbon from molecular assemblies) and as a result catapulted the prices for CMSs to incredible heights.

The combined processes developed by us are based on sufficient experience with our LTC technology in the field of natural reactions between materials and gases; these require only minimal amounts of energy or release even more energy in the reaction than was used for separation.

This newly developed process has already been successfully applied by leading professors at the University of St. Andrews.

A cooperation agreement was signed with a leading laboratory in the EU to develop the production of CMSs in various forms for industrial applications.