Low Temperature Conversion (LTC) is a thermo catalytic decomposition process operating without air supply, e.g. no combustion.

By softly heating the input-material to a conversion temperature below 700°C (in incineration plants it is 800-1200°C or higher) a modified synthetic strong gas (equivalent to natural gas) can be produced, characterized by a constant high heating value. This strong gas is turned into electrical energy in turbine-generator stations. The conversion into heating or fuel oil is possible as well.

No toxic gases, such as dioxins, furans etc. arise. Inorganic materials such as metals are not overheated, they pass through the LTC plant without generating any pollutants. The molecular structure of heavy metals is not broken down, but instead remains solidly together and thus difficult to dissolve.

Pollutants in the gases are leached out, precipitated and when dried can be deposited without endangering the environment or even be recycled to a high extent.