The LTC-process offered by AGT is a highly innovative and environmentally friendly Solution for the conversion of organic raw and waste materials into energy.

AGT – plants offer the following benefits:

Efficiency and wide applicability

  • High total efficiency of minimum 45% guaranteed
  • High quality construction of plants secures an operation of 7.500 hours per year
  • Wide applicability for various input-materials
  • Output as synthetic gas, electricity or synthetic fuels
  • Low operation costs

High-tech in line with humans and nature

  • Fully automated operation, remote monitoring and control
  • Delivery of turn-key plants, one year coaching of plant operation
  • Energy self sufficiency, Heat and electricity are produced in the plant
  • Emissions well below EU regulations
  • Recycling or residual waste possible

Safe investment

  • Amortisation of investment within 5 – 9 years
  • Concerning „renewable energies“ there is an obligation of grid operators to take over electricity applying funded fees.
  • Services for guarantees and maintenance are taken over by AGT
  • Operating personnel are diligently trained on the job by AGT .