Utilization of locally available biomass e.g. loppings, wood cut or straw – even when polluted!

Latest Situation

Modern biomass power plants burn the heating material by means of fluidised bed technology. They heat up water and produce steam with which steam turbines are operated for current generation.

Current Problem

The technology used here was developed for fossil fuels with a double to triple thermal value. Just because of biomass quantities needed and the logistics required, an economic operation of caloric power plants is not possible without massive subsidies.


If, however, biomass is converted to medium and strong gas, combinations of gas/ steam turbines with a maximum efficiency factor can be operated. When using biomass fresh from the harvest, the quantity of specific power generation can be increased by approx. 100% to the double amount of conventional biomass power plants.

Here, the usual current-to-heat ratio of 1:2 is shifted to 2:1, in large-scale power plants the waste heat frequently being used to a limited degree only and not at all in summer. Additionally, biomass power plants, according to the conversion process, can be used for peak current generation since the converted gas quantities can be stored intermediately and called up selectively.


The conversion technology for biomass power generation facilitates the world-wide use for a CO2-neutral current production at prime costs, in accordance with the market, due to simpler regulations for environmental protection, a considerably increased efficiency factor, and the higher economy resulting there from.