Latest Situation

Presently waste dumps are growing in every civilisation. Intended savings cannot be implemented. In terms of energy production, the combustion of waste is not profitable.

Current Problem

Old dumps are getting full, new dumps are hardly authorised any more. Waste is just stored; it putrefies and the gas that is created is burned off without being utilised. Noxious substances trickle away and must be collected and processed at high expenses.


Using the low temperature conversion process, it is possible, without too much expense for waste separation, to convert the mixed household waste into gas and use it for power generation. Heavy metals and other noxious substances are absorbed already in the plant and are either processed immediately or collected for recycling.


The main advantages

  • Useless waste becomes cheap energy.
  • Closed system, no emission of noxious substances to the environment
  • Small and profitable plants, since very expensive components needed for waste combustion facilities such as exhaust gas purification, slag stabilisation etc. are not required. The same is also true with regard to the running operating costs.
  • Compared with the combustion plant, this system is 50% cheaper as regards investments, since far less building expenses are required.
  • Compared with combustion, notably higher degree of efficiency of power generation due to a gas-steam turbine combination
  • Cost-effective operation of the plant since, for instance, no additional energy for fuelling is required.