The efficiency is the ratio between the work done and the supplied energy. For the LTC-process input-material-dependent efficiencies of 45% for the production of electrical current in guaranteed.

All modern gas power plants can be operated only with high-quality and expensive energy carriers such as natural gas, heavy oil etc.

On the other hand, the LTC
process refines the various input-materials such as biomass, municipal waste, sewage sludge or lignite etc. to conversion gas with a constant quality which is then turned into electricity in highly efficient turbine – generator stations.

The LTC process with the integrated turbine sets is designed as a circuit process. The entire exhaust heat from turbine operation is utilized for heating the LTC-process. Thus – without major radiation losses – highly efficient electrical energy is produced from low-grade combustibles and waste besides securing the self sufficiency of the plant in terms of electricity and heat.

The LTC-process differs from other systems moreover by:

  • The possibilities of control,

  • The low operating temperatures

  • Low emissions similar to natural gas

  • High-quality construction with redundant implementation of central plant sections

  • High security due to cool-down of plant sections within seconds

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