Welcome to the world of AGT!

AGT provides sustainable solutions for the highly efficient and environmentally friendly conversion of organic raw and waste material to energy. Our new patented technology is based on well established processes.

Backed by our worldwide network of technology, sales and financing partners our technology and plants stand for:

  • Efficiency and wide areas of application

  • High-tech in line with humans and nature

  • Safe investment

Become part of the AGT-World, because

We fuel the future!

The University of St. Andrews and
AGT Management & Engineering AG are working together on a research project towards development of CO2 splitting


Electricity from Used Tyres

Cryogen-granulation und power generation within one plant!
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Electricity from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

Simple pre-sorting and conversion of all organic fractions to electricity!  
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Electricity from Sewage Sludge

From waste difficult to deposit raw material for electricity and fuels is generated.
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Electricity from Industrial Waste

Self-sufficient current supply for industrial plants saving connection and provision costs!

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Electricity from Biomass

Utilization of locally available biomass e.g. loppings, wood cut or straw – even when polluted!

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Welcome to AGT - „Agency for Green Technology“
  • Environment

    No harmful waste gas or waste materials arise!
    The gentle LTC-process aims at the selective production of fuel gas.
    The molecular structure of harmful substances is not broken down, so they can pass the conversion process and accumulate as inert solids.

  • Revenues

    The LTC-process converts 45% of the energy fed in into electricity!
    This electricity is supplied to the grid with high rates, for the operator long-term revenues are secured by law. In contrast
    conventional technologies produce mainly heat!

  • Energy

    Some call it waste, we turn it into energy!
    From organic waste and raw materials such as municipal solid waste, used tyres, biomass or sewage sludge we generate high efficiently electricity an
    d also fuel oil.